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About Head in the Clouds

In the past, there has been stigma associated with going to therapy, and this means people can be hesitant about seeing a psychologist. Our founder, Valerie Lieu, wanted to create a psychology practice that is warm and inviting, and normalises looking after our mental health like we look after our physical health.
The phrase to have your “head in the clouds” is normally used as a criticism for someone being too much in their own head that they miss what is going on around them. In our practice, we want to reclaim having your “head in the clouds” as the self-reflective space required if we are to understand who we are, what drives our current thoughts, emotions, and actions, and choose who we want to be in the future. Ironically, making time to have our “head in the clouds” enables us to return to earth with renewed direction and purpose.
Everyone has a unique personal history that will influence what they find helpful and unhelpful for their mental health. We view therapy as a safe space to develop clarity and insight into what you want from life, and what changes need to be made to get there. Our clinicians are qualified psychologists who tailor evidence-based therapy to your unique situation.
We may be the experts in the science behind mental health, but you are the expert in your own history and experience. It is together in this dance between science and art that the magic happens.
It takes guts to be vulnerable and show up to therapy, and it is our privilege to show up with you.
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