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Gay Cusack (She/Her)

Psychologist (Clinical Psychology Registrar)

Master of Psychology (Clinical), Australian College of Applied Psychology

Gay works with adults to build skills in managing depression, anxiety, intense feelings, chronic health conditions, and hearing voices, as well as finding a way through addiction (drug, alcohol, and gambling). More broadly, she is interested in helping others set goals, develop greater self-understanding, and live according to their values, so that relationships and personal wellbeing flourish. Gay’s experience stems from working in community and university settings, as well as a mental health inpatient unit.


Gay likes to help people achieve change and recovery, but also believes it is important to acknowledge they are doing their best, and that they come to therapy with many strengths, including the courage to make an appointment in the first place. She sees it as a privilege to be invited into others’ inner worlds, and she is gentle, warm, and respectful in her approach.


On a personal note, Gay had an extensive design career before becoming a Psychologist and still likes to come up with creative projects in her spare time. Currently, she is considering joining a children’s class in electronics at her local library to learn about lighting. She also enjoys reading novels (currently by Japanese authors), cooking for friends, and is looking forward to more travel in Europe.


Wednesday - Saturday

Special interests

- Emotion regulation
- Chronic illness
- Chronic pain
- Health anxiety
- University Students
- Procrastination
- Drug and alcohol
- ADHD coaching

Therapy Modalities

- MI

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