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Kerry Critchlow (She/Her)

Psychologist (Clinical Psychology Registrar)

Master of Psychology (Clinical)

Kerry is passionate about supporting adolescents and adults learn psychological skills to better face life’s challenges. She works with people who are experiencing difficulties with depression, anxiety (general, social, and phobias), low self-esteem and confidence, panic attacks, stress (e.g. related to work, study, navigating changes in life), relationships, worry and rumination, problematic procrastination, and drug and alcohol use. Kerry also enjoys helping adolescents manage school and friendship difficulties. Her experience comes from working across different hospitals, headspace, and a drug and alcohol service.


Kerry tailors evidence-based therapies to each unique client, rather than taking a cookie-cutter approach to treatment. Her personal therapeutic style is authentic, warm, and non-judgemental, working with people from diverse cultural and social backgrounds. Kerry works collaboratively with clients to help them develop better self-understanding, identify any unhelpful patterns in behaviours, and from there equip them with the information and tools needed to shift these patterns and learn new ways to manage difficult thoughts and emotions. It is a great pleasure for her to see clients make changes in their life and undergo personal growth.


When not immersed in the psychology world, Kerry loves participating in a local community acting class, belting it out at karaoke, or going on very long walks.



Special interests

- Adolescents (13+)
- Relationship difficulties
- Low self-esteem

- Panic attacks
- University students
- School difficulties
- Self-harm
- Work cover

Therapy Modalities

- MI

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