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Psychology services and treatments

Getting back down to earth doesn't have to be done alone. Our friendly team of clinical and registered psychologists are specialised in treating depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction and more. We'll help match you with the right professional, and create a treatment plan to suit your specific needs.

All our sessions can be delivered via telehealth, or on-site in our inviting Surry Hills practice. 

We offer safe, effective treatment for...

  • ADHD

  • Addiction

  • Anxiety (generalised, social, phobias etc)

  • Attachment related issues

  • Bipolar disorders

  • Body image and weight concerns

  • Coping with chronic health conditions

  • Death anxiety

  • Depression

  • Drugs and alcohol

  • Eating disorders

  • Emotion regulation

  • Family of origin impacts

  • Grief and loss

  • Health anxiety

  • LGBTQIA+ specific issues

  • Low self esteem

  • Minority stress

  • Neuroaffirming practice

  • OCD

  • Palliative care

  • Panic attacks

  • Parents skills and support

  • Parts work

  • Personality disorders

  • Procrastination

  • Psycho-oncology

  • PTSD and Complex PTSD

  • Relationship difficulties

  • Schizophrenia

  • Stress around school or university

  • Self harm

  • Suicidal thoughts

  • Work cover issues


Treatment types

There's no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to treating mental health. Everybody is different, and we'll tailor treatments to best suit your individual needs. Some of our most common treatment modalities can be found below.

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)

  • Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR)

  • ​Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR)

  • Interpersonal Psychpotherapy (IPT)

  • Motivational Interviewing (MI)

  • Narrative Therapy

  • Schema Therapy

Ready to get in touch?

Nice work! You've taken the first step towards better mental health. We'll be in touch soon.

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