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Relationship Counselling Online and in Sydney

Relationship and marriage counselling online and in our Sydney clinic, with clinical psychologists.

Head in the Clouds offers couples and marriage counselling services in a comfortable and supportive environment. Using evidence-based practices, our clinical and registered psychologists offer relationship counselling online and in-person with a personalised approach that centers on your specific needs.

Many couples experience periods where issues around trust, communication, sex and intimacy, or conflict cause serious relationship problems. These changes can be scary and confronting, often leaving couples feeling lost, angry, hurt or hopeless.

Our therapists help clients navigate their way through these difficult times. We facilitate respectful conversation and teach skills to build healthy relationships by improving communication, managing conflict, and working to rekindle intimacy and connection.


Ready to explore couples counselling?

Dr Emma Welch | Clinical Psychologist


Dr Emma Welch is a clinical psychologist with more than 25 years experience creating lasting change in couples, particularly through Integrated Behavioural Couple Therapy (IBCT).

Emma is passionate about helping couples work through relationship issues and is experienced in assisting clients from diverse backgrounds and presenting a range of mental health presentations. Emma helps couples work through issues around communication, intimacy and connection using drawing from her extensive experience to tailor therapies to your needs.

What kind of relationship issues can couples counselling help with?

Every relationship is different, and there are many ways in which a couple may become disconnected.  Here are some of the most common problems we help couples with.

Sex therapy

We provide couples with therapy for issues caused by mismatches in sexual desire, lack of sexual intimacy, or other sexual problems like anxiety around sex, sexual dysfunction and intimacy issues.

Financial issues 


Financial problems can create real, complex problems in marriages and relationships. We'll work with you on issues around careers, financial expectations and addictions like gambling or overspending.

Parenting and family conflict

 Disagreements regarding children or parenting can be explored and managed at our clinic or online. We can also help with issues concerning family of origin, or other relationships. 

Conflict, trust and disconnection

Recurring conflict, repetitive arguments and ongoing unmet emotional needs can be damaging. We'll give you the support and tools to navigate difficult conversations around feelings of resentment, jealousy, hurt or distrust. We can also help if you are experiencing disrespect, neglect, or jealousy, or dealing with infidelity and sexual affairs.

Your first couples counselling session.

We understand that initiating therapy as a couple takes guts and vulnerability. It's often a step taken after months or even years of conflict or disconnection, so scheduling a counselling session can evoke all sorts of emotions - hope, excitement, feelings of expectation, fear and sometimes resentment or anger.

Here's what you can expect in your first session.


Relationship history

We'll assess your relationship history and work together to identify existing issues. These could be broader issues like communication problems, or managing conflict around a specific matter.



We'll then set some goals for our therapy sessions and create a tailored plan for you to work towards them.



We'll explain to you the therapy methodologies that will be used and what you as a couple can expect in terms of progress and time commitment.


Immediate strategies

If there are any highly acute issues to be resolved, we'll look at immediate strategies that will help you manage this conflict in the short term.


Frequently asked questions about couples counselling.

How much does couples counselling cost in Sydney or online?

The cost will vary according to which practitioner you choose. At the moment, Dr Emma Welch handles the bulk of our couples counselling clients. You can see specific fees for Emma here.

How many sessions will we need?

The amount of sessions you need will depend on the complexity of the issues you are facing. If you're considering couples counselling, get in touch with us and we can help you get a better idea of how many sessions might be needed for your specific situation.

Does couples counselling really work?

In couples where where both parties are committed to working with a therapist, counselling can be very effective. Research suggests that around 70% of couples report improvements in conflict resolution, intimacy and a communication.

My partner refuses to come to counselling. Can I still benefit from coming alone?

While couples counselling is most effective when both partners participate, you can still benefit from attending sessions alone. We'll work with you to develop coping skills, gain clarity, and foster your personal growth. In addition, it's common for that attendance of one partner encourages the other to join at a later stage.

Why choose Head in the Clouds?

Conveniently located just minutes from Central Station in Sydney's CBD, Head in the Clouds offer a supportive space for healing and growth in your relationship.


Our friendly clinical psychologists have extensive experience in helping couples repair, rebuild and reconnect. We welcome you to attend in-person couples counselling sessions in our inviting Surry Hills clinic, or online via telehealth for your convenience. 

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