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Dr Valerie Lieu (She/Her)

Founder and Clinical Psychologist

Doctor of Clinical Psychology / Master of Science, University of Sydney

Valerie’s career as a clinical psychologist has been defined by her interest in working with people who have longstanding difficulties with anxiety and depression, grief and traumatic loss, PTSD and complex trauma (childhood trauma, relational trauma, and first-responders), mental health in the context of chronic and/or life-limiting medical conditions (e.g. epilepsy, cancer, motor neurone disease), suicidal thoughts, self-harm, and psychotic disorders. Her experience in treating these presentations come from her years working across various settings in the public health system, including the National Centre for Veterans’ Healthcare, palliative care, and inpatient mental health units.
Valerie's therapy style is warm and pragmatic. She enjoys getting to know her clients so she can tailor treatment in a creative and flexible way to meet individual needs. Valerie believes that good therapy will feel challenging at times, but clients should feel well supported throughout the process. 
Outside of work, Valerie enjoys losing herself in a good book (a favourite is ‘Boy Swallows Universe’ by Trent Dalton), trying - but not sticking to - new hobbies (currently dabbling in tennis lessons), and obsessing over her surprisingly affectionate cat, Scout, and unsurprisingly naughty puppy, Frida.


Not currently taking new clients

Special interests:

- Complex PTSD
- Chronic depression and anxiety
- Complicated grief and traumatic loss
- Palliative care
- Bipolar disorders
- Minority stress
- Neuroaffirming practice

Therapy Modalities

- Schema Therapy

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