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Isabela Griggs (She/Her)

Psychologist (Clinical Psychology Registrar)

Master of Clinical Psychology, Western Sydney University

Isabela is rapidly developing a practice centred on her passion for working with trauma. It is also grounded in her breadth of experience working with adults experiencing depression, anxiety, emotional dysregulation, stress and relationship or family difficulties (including adult children of alcoholics, dysfunctional families, emotionally immature parents), personality disorders and bipolar disorders. Isabela’s skills are informed through years working in the public sector, Lifeline, and in a private clinic seeing children and their parents. In the latter role, she discovered the joy in supporting parents, particularly in exploring how their own family-of-origin interacts with their experience of parenting.

In the therapy room, clients are encouraged to show up as their authentic selves. Isabela’s kind and empathetic approach helps to create a supportive and safe space. She tailors evidence-based therapy to suit the unique experiences of each person who walks through her door. Isabela has been on the other side of the therapy room and understands how personal and challenging the therapeutic journey of self-reflection and change can be.


Outside of work, Isabela enjoys reading (especially anything by Gillian Flynn and F. Scott Fitzgerald), sewing, playing Squash (badly) and working on her fish and frog ponds. She is currently attempting to improve her Spanish to make her Abuela proud.


Monday - Wednesday


Special interests

- Adults
- Adult children of alcoholics, dysfunctional families, and emotionally immature parents
- Trauma-informed care
- Parenting skills and support

- Family-of-origin impacts
- Suicidal thoughts
- Self-harm

Therapy Modalities

- Schema Therapy
- Narrative Therapy

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